Acura manual 825 XS/826 XS
Acura manual 825 XS/826 XS
The Next Generation in MIcro Pipetting
Toss those old pipettes aside and discover the new Socorex Acura® manual 826 XS Micropipette. It feels so good you won’t believe it’s a pipette. The plunger activation is so light to the touch and so smooth it’s hard to believe you are pipetting.

The new XS (eXtra Sharp) pipette features a shorter shaft making it easier than ever to dispense and aspirate into the smallest of microtubes. Check out these eXtra Sharp features:

• Shorter and Narrower Pipette Shaft allows tip to be in closer range when pipetting into smaller diameter microtubes and vials.

• Very Lightweight (<88 grams) helps eliminate fatigue during long hours of pipetting.

• Ultra-Soft Plunger greatly reduces thumb and hand fatigue for added comfort and safety.

• Accuracy and Precision meets the same Socorex standard as the Acura® manual 825 micropipettes.

• Swift-Set Calibration provides easy user calibration system keeping instrument tuned for accurate pipetting.

• Autoclavable fully assembled provides an easy way to eliminate cross contamination.

The NEW Acura® manual 826 XS line is designed with the research scientist in mind. Shorter, smoother, and lightweight, the eight models offer key features having excellent ergonomics with the accuracy and precision you would expect from a Swiss Made Socorex Micropipette.
Contact your local laboratory supply distributor today to order an Acura® manual 826 XS. Try the Socorex TwiXS manual Pack containing 2 Acura® manual 826 XS Pipettes and receive a FREE Socorex Shelf Pipette Holder.
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