Acura manual 826 XS
Acura manual 826 XS
Figure 1 & 2
Extra Smooth Activation

Unique tightness lip seal provides for ultra-soft pipetting, thus reducing hand fatigue while working.
The forces, measured on a 20 - 200μL Acura® manual XS model, are indicative of very limited finger efforts. Yet, the overshoot stop offers a clear tactile indicator.
Superior Instrument Drivability
Short shaft enhances precision of hand movement. A great help in fine applications such as pipetting in microtubes.

Figure 3
High Visibility Counter

Located on the front side, the contrasted volume digits remain visible at all times.

Figure 4
Tip Ejection - Easier Than Ever

Ejector button provides for low-pressure activation. Patented JusTipTM height adjustment system permits the optimal fitting and ejection of a wide selection of tips.

Figure 5
Swift-Set Calibration

Easy user calibration system with integrated key. Locking mechanism protected by calibration seal sticker.

QC Certificate & Warranty
Individual QC certificate issued after stringent tests. See package insert for warranty terms, safety precautions and operating instructions. Three year warranty.
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