respons 910
respons 910
Smart technology means reduced costs
The respons 910 principle integration to the highest
level makes for a highly independent system.
Operation is simplified for the user without sacrificing
precision. The reagent tray, for example, is a DiaSys
innovation that integrates reagent and sample into a
single module. Sensor technology in the respons 910
analyzer is as well a good example for efficient, highly
developed design. The respons 910 is the only analyzer
in its class with a multifunctional arm that integrates
clot detection and crash sensor, liquid-level detection
and pipetting of sample and reagent. The instrument
is user-friendly as well since all components are almost

High quality for low maintenance
respons 910 is designed to be low-maintenance by
reducing the number of moving parts to a minimum,
while providing maximum efficiency and value. This is
why the respons 910 does not include a refrigeration
unit: The liquid-stable reagents from DiaSys provide
superb on-board stability, so that cooling is optional.
On the other hand, the rotor may simply be removed.
The reagents can thus be stored in the refrigerator
when they are not being used.
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